Marion Harris — OMG!!!

Look for the Silver Lining(OK, apologies to all those hard-core jazz history types for whom the following post will be about as insightful as the sun rises in the East.)

One of the recordings that got new attention from me when I was in the process of loading my CDs into iTunes was this collection of Marion Harris songs.  I am absolutely blown away.  Apparantly she was a major recording artist whose career lasted from 1917 to the early 40’s. 

The most amazing part of the collection is the immediacy the recordings have.  If Wikipedia is to be believed, she had the second recording of It Had to Be You — by eight days.  She recorded A Good Man is Hard to Find before Bessie Smith.  And long before Eminem, Elvis, or Jolson, she seemed to be appropriating African-American musical material and stylings to translate them to a mass, white audience. 

Part of my excitement might come because these recordings are beautifully mastered and restored.  And the songs are recorded as fresh artifacts — not as standards.  The closest I can express how I’m feeling is that it’s like seeing fresh paint on the Mona Lisa.

1. Look for the Silver Lining Listen
2. They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me Listen
3. Everybody’s Crazy ‘Bout the Doggone Blues, But I’m Happy Listen
4. After You’ve Gone Listen
5. Good Man Is Hard to Find Listen
6. Jazz Baby Listen
7. Left All Alone Again Blues Listen
8. St. Louis Blues Listen
9. I Ain’t Got Nobody Listen
10. Sweet Papa, Your Mama’s Getting Mad Listen
11. I’m Nobody’s Baby Listen
12. Some Sunny Day Listen
13. Nobody Lied When They Said That I Cried Over You Listen
14. I’m Just Wild About Harry Listen
15. Blue and Broken Hearted Listen
16. Carolina in the Morning Listen
17. Aggravatin’ Papa, Don’t You Try to Two-Time Me Listen
18. It Had to Be You Listen
19. How Come You Do Me Like You Do? Listen
20. Somebody Loves Me Listen
21. Tea for Two Listen
22. I’ll See You in My Dreams Listen
23. Man I Love Listen
24. My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes Listen
25. Oo-Oo-Ooh! Honey, What You Do to Me Listen

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