The Baseball Set

Nationals Park

Ron and I live in the shadow of Nationals Park here in DC.  And I have to admit that I rather enjoy going to a game occasionally.  I find the combination of the $5 tickets and $11 nachos rather heady, especially on a Friday night with free fireworks after a game.

I put together the following playlist of songs for die-hard two season ticketholders that we know.  I know I’m missing a bunch of golden age stuff (e.g. Let’s Get the Umpire’s Goat), but I think this turned into a nice set.

  • Take Me Out To The Ball Game — Helen Marcovicci
  • What A Game – Ragtime
  • Hundreds Of Hats – Diamonds
  • Shoeless Joe From Hannibal, Mo. — Damn Yankees
  • The Game — Damn Yankees
  • Heart — Damn Yankees
  • T-E-A-M (The Baseball Game) — You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown
  • The Baseball Game — Falsettoland
  • There Goes The Ball Game — John Barr
  • Right Field —  Peter, Paul And Mary
  • What You’d Call A Dream — Ron Squeri
  • The Kid Inside  — Is There Life After High School
  • Take Me To The Ball Game – God Bless America — Mandy Patinkin

2 Responses to The Baseball Set

  1. Marianne says:

    Michael, I love this…The Nats inspire great cabaret!

  2. Emily Leatha Everson says:

    ah ha! i was interested in “take me out to the ballgame,” in particular, because i recently discovered a kid’s book that has the whole text of the song (never knew before that the “take me out to the ballgame” we sing is just the chorus of a longer song…) so i went to itunes and found mandy singing (oh, he delights me and one of my favorite shows is “criminal minds” and of course j’adore “princess bride!”) IN YIDDISH! oy! it’s fantastic!

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