DCCN Bucchino Songbook Salon

The DC Cabaret Network held its first Songbook Salon on Sunday.

In an idea stemming from George Fulginit-Shakar, the DC Cabaret Network decided to focus on the songs of John Bucchino from his new songbook It’s Only Life.  Participants were each assigned a song (or in the case of some of the longer numbers, part of a song) in advance, usually based on vocal range.  Members then sang their songs at the workshop, with a discusssion of the material following each song. 

It was a terrific way to get introduced to a bunch of new material.  And in addition to the terrific performances, it was espcially gratifying to hear a variety of informed opinions about the material in question, because there are so rarely the chance to have informed discussions about material at this level.

I have to admit that I cheated a little.  When this project was assigned  I requested/demanded the song Playbill which has been in “meaning to learn” queue for about 3 years.  I was also the only person there not to sing the song in the key it was written in.  Which increases my admiration for the amazing other performers who performed their numbers in the written keys with much less development time with such amazing talent and panache.

Special thanks for George for hosting, to Alex Tang who also played (and set up the transposing keyboard that I was the only one to use), to Alex Tang and Bob Bagnall for hosting, to Cindy Hutchins and Eileen Warner for all that they did to make the afternoon work so well, and to the DC Cabaret Network for sponsoring the event.

Click here for photos

One Response to DCCN Bucchino Songbook Salon

  1. Dorie says:

    I heard it was terrific also, and would love to see the network do more of these!

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