Amanda McBroom Master Class — Sunday, 15 November

OK, I’m really psyched.

The one and only Amanda McBroom who is playing WolfTrap on Saturday, 14 November has agreed to do a master class at the Arts Club the next day.  Woo hoo !!!!

I was fortunate enough to work with her at a cabaret workshop in St. Louis, and she was one of the first Diva 5+1 interviews for this blog.  So when I saw she was playing WolfTrap I thought, “what the heck” !  So I contacted her and with a little arranging, we’ll have a master class!  And as an added bonus, her music director and frequent writing collaborator Michele Brourman will also part of the teaching team.

At this point, the available performer slots have been filled.  But there still is room as audience, and in my opinion the main benefit of these is to watch others.  Especially since when I’m up in a class situation myself, I find it really hard to both make the changes and understand them at the same time. 

One of the reasons that I’m really psyched about this is becasue Amanda McBroom is such a complete performer.  The last time McBroom played WolfTrap, Terri Allen made the really insightful observation that McBroom seamlessly does all the things — breath, transition patter, engage the audience, have a point of view on material — that we’re supposed to do as performers. 

Also, as much as I’ve been raving about her new Chanson CD, I have to say that her Rainbow & Stars live CD captures what I think is one of the most perfectly structured cabaret acts I’ve ever heard.

So as the producer for the event, I hope people will join us especially a the very reasonable audience rate.  And as a cabaret fan, I strongly urge people to see McBroom’s WolfTrap show the night before.

The official page and info.

One Response to Amanda McBroom Master Class — Sunday, 15 November

  1. Emily Leatha Everson says:

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!

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