Jane Krakowski at the Kennedy Center

I saw Jane Krakowski open this season’s Barbara Cook’s Spotlight series at the Kennedy Center last night.  I’ll link to my Cabaret Scenes review when it’s available online.  (Here it is.)

Here’s the  precis:  If you came to the show because you’re a fan of JK from TV, you were in luck.  She looked amazing, was charming, had star presence, and had some musical moments.  Otherwise the show was severly underrehearsed, she was constantly reading from a script for both songs and patter (a hold-over reliance on cue cards), and really didn’t connect to a lot of the material. The show was entertaining, but I feel that there was a lot of wasted talent in this endevor.

Krakowski said the show should be titled “sick and under-rehearsed.”  Although she claimed vocal distress, she sounded fine in the show I saw, the second at 9:30.  However, the always-dishy Joel Markowitz, that notable voice from DC Theatre Scene , informed me that the second show was 30ish minutes and 5 songs shorter than the first. 

Here’s the song list for the show I saw:

  • The Laziest Gal in Town
  • A Little Brains, A Little Talent
  • Tweet (Mark Shamian and Scott Wittman re-write of Zip)
  • An Englishman Needs Time*/ A Guy What Takes His Time
  • Handyman
  • I’m Old Fashioned / Old Fashioned Girl*
  • Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend (rap interlude by Chad Beguelin)
  • When I Get Low, I Get High / Wacky Dust
  • Thirteen Men
  • Let’s Face the Music and Dance
  • A Call From the Vatican (encore)
  • Rubber Duckie (encore) 

*On paper, I guess Krakowski’s comic sexuality would make the Eartha Kitt songbook seem like a plausible idea.

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