Nelson Pressley on Jane Krakowski

Jane Krakowski, shown at last month's Emmys, had vocal problems Saturday at the Terrace Theater.Nelson Pressley reviews Jane Krakowski in the Washington Post: “Even under the weather, she sparkled.”

He’s much cheerier than I am.  Was it the earlier show or residual charm from the interview he did? 

Here’s a paragraph in his review that leads to an issue with this show that I really want to discuss:  “Krakowski is slated for a few weeks at a Manhattan club later this month, so presumably her voice will be stronger and the act will be honed. On Saturday the band members still seemed to be familiarizing themselves with the material, and Krakowski frequently glanced toward her music stand for lyrics and segue tales.”

Is it really OK that DC audiences were treated to a show that Krakowski herself onstage admitted was “underrehearsed” ?  The show was not billed as a “pre-New York tryout.”  Do the people paying $55 each in two sold out houses not rate a finished product?  Do the people at the second show paying $55 a seat deserve to see a show with 30 minutes eliminated from the first?

2 Responses to Nelson Pressley on Jane Krakowski

  1. Matt says:

    I saw the 9:30 show Saturday night and I am torn. First, Ms. Krakowski was very charming and I really enjoyed the show.

    However, I have had conflicting thoughts about the show since Saturday night. There is something that rubs me wrong about paying for my tickets and having to watch Krakowski flip through her script all night. I’d say she glanced over at it through about 85% of the show. There were a handful of numbers in which she sang without referencing the script.

    Would she have done that at Feinstein’s in New York?

    Why did D.C. get the “out of town tryout” version of her show?

    Again, I don’t want to whine too much, because she was very enjoyable and honestly told us that she was under-rehearsed and sick.

    But then the consumer in me kicks in and thinks that I paid full price for a ticket and deserved a completely realized show.

  2. Dorie says:

    I read the article in the Post today–seems to contradict “Cabaret 101” — don’t apologize to your audience.

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