Liz Callaway at Her Best


I’d describe the singing on Liz Callaway’s CD, The Passage of Time, as perfect, but what does perfect mean?  Well, as Ron put it, “The tone is spot on; the diction is flawless; she has perfect control of her instrument; she knows exactly what she’s singing about; and everything is totally motivated.”

This is clearly Liz Callaway’s best solo CD (and almost up there with Sibling Revelry CD with sister Ann Hampton Callaway). The recording contains a well chosen mix of the familiar and new — all with terrific arrangements guided by friend-of-this-blog Alex Rybeck.  She’s also become an amazing storyteller with a very clear point of view.  And that clarion call of a voice is superb. 

This song made me hear the Carly Simon song That’s the Way I Always Hear It Should Be totally fresh.  The medley of Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head and Singin’ In the Rain is a total treat.  And the new John Bucchino song Just Another Face is one that I suspect will be showing up in a lot of cabaret acts.  She even made me like Patterns enough to suggest it to someone!

My only quibble with the whole venture is that I wish there could have been more flattering artwork of Callaway chosen, who is much lovelier and more radient than the cover shot.  (Even the picture on the back of the CD is better.)

  1. Nothing to Lose (But Your Heart)

  2. Make Someone Happy/Something Wonderful

  3. Better

  4. Eleanor Rigby

  5. I’m Not That Girl/Just Another Face

  6. Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head/Singin’ in the Rain

  7. Children Will Listen

  8. That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be

  9. Patterns

10. Secret O’ Life

11. The Perfect Year/Memory

12. A Child Is Born

13. Being Alive


One Response to Liz Callaway at Her Best

  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for the endorsement, Michael!
    Best wishes always,

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