Two bits of dish…

… about the first Signature cabaret.  (I’ve been trying to be discreet, but my inner nature won out). 

The great Jane Pesci-Townsend tells the story that when she subbed as Mrs Lovett in the Kennedy Center’s Sweeney Todd, she almost passed out when she went into the wrong verse of A Little Priest.  Not because of nerves, but becuase “the collective gasp of all the (Sondheim-philes) in the audience almost sucked all the oxygen out of the room!”  Well it was obviously a different audience demographic when I saw the show last night.  Because when Amy McWilliams rendered one of the most iconic Sondheim lines as “Does anybody still wear a hat?” there was barely a gasp, other perhaps than mine.  (BTW, rumor has it that Judy Simmons will be singing The Ladies Who Lunch during her guest appearance tonight.)

On a separate issue, the five singers were using hand microphones throughout the show, and not looking comfortable about them.  However, after the show I was told that the decision had been made that day to use the microphones.  So kudos to the performers for adapting so well at the last minute!

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