Welcome to our world…

I try not to get political or soap-boxy, but there’s something about the irony of this news story I love

What was billed as Italy’s first gay cruise took place last month, and by all accounts it was a resounding success. There was just one small hitch: Somehow a heterosexual couple ended up on board — and they weren’t at all happy about it.

News outlets in Europe this week are all atwitter over the story of the Italian couple, who now are suing the cruise line after reportedly being flummoxed by the experience.

The UK’s Daily Mail today reports the middle-aged husband and wife, who have not been named, said they booked the trip directly with the line and claim they were never told of the gay theme. The couple’s lawyer tells the news outlet all 1,500 passengers on the ship were gay and events on board were gay-focused.


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