Cherry Red Could Use Your Help…

For many years, Cherry Red Productions was one of the edgiest, oddly classiest companies in DC, giving us productions like Bluebeard; Kenneth, What’s the Frequency; and Spamlet.  Not to mention their terrific Day-Old Play festivals.

For my mind, their most theatrically complete production was a midnight show at DCAC called Thumbsucker.  A very creepy look at a serial seducer and killer.  The staging combined a quality that was both horrific and elegeic.  And it was the most perfectly lit show I’ve ever seen.  The piece was set in a seedy hotel room at night, and the only lighting came from a single floor lamp on stage and the spill from the theater’s “Exit” sign.  It provided both a realistic portrayal of the light that would have been in the room  and it made those of us sitting in the audience in the dark feel extremely voyeuristic.  Really, that show is at least in the Top 5 of shows I’ve ever seen.

Cherry Red Founder and author/director of  Thumbsucker is trying to get grass-roots financing to turn it into a film.  A very small contribution can make a big difference.

In other news, Ian is working on a service called Green Green Ticketing that combines NY-based last-minute ticket deals with green contibutions.


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