A NY Evening Part 5: Furniture Detour

Hilary Shelf

I should mentioned that Hilary Ann Feldman is one of the most organized performers I know.  For example when we were at Perry-Mansfield she had most of her music in 3 or 4 keys.

Two organizing ideas from Hilary that we lesser mortals might take advantage of:

1.  Hilary photocopies the cover and index of all her music books and keeps that info in a binder.  That way when she’s looking for a song, especially from a fake book, she has a central place to look without having to go through all her books.

2.  Her father built her the shelf unit above.  The shelves are the correct height to store music books and the file drawers are wide enough to fit folios of sheet music.


One Response to A NY Evening Part 5: Furniture Detour

  1. Karen says:

    I am so having music-organization-envy. I mean like really bad envy where I have to go to church and say prayers of forgiveness! LOL! However, it is very inspiring and is making me look at my mess of music and say aaaagh! 🙂

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