A NY Evening Pt. 2: Francesca Blumenthal

Like many cabarets, separate parties at the Metropolitan Room are communally seated at larger tables.  When my friend Hilary (see Pt. 3) and I were seated, waiting for the Menzie/Michael show, we ended up talking to the woman across from us. 

At one point she said that she had written a song that more than 20 people had recorded, including Cleo Laine.  I asked what the song was, and she said, “Oh, it’s called ‘The Lies of Handsome Men.'”  I think I surprised her when my reply was, “You’re Francesca Blumenthal!” 

It was espcially nice to tell her about the fact that we were using the song in CHAWbaret.   And I showed her my iPod with Andrea Marcovicci’s terrific recording of the song on her new greatest hits CD.  Something I learned when we were chatting is that the song was first written for Marlene Ver Planck. 

Now for my “Oops” moment.  I mentioned that I really enjoyed the revue of her songs, Queen of the Bohemian Dream, that was done at the Fringe Festival a couple of years ago.  When she said she had never heard of the revue, I said, I’d send her info about it.  I looked up the production, and it salutes the  work of Fran Landesman, not Francesca Blumenthal.  I’m still trying to figure out how to write this e-mail.

BTW, Tom Anderson was sitting across from me. I waited until just before he left to gush.


One Response to A NY Evening Pt. 2: Francesca Blumenthal

  1. Dorie says:

    What a great story–I was wondering how you recognized her! Yeah, I know about having those “oops” moments…

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