A NY Evening Pt. 6: Jim Caruso’s Cast Party

How much would you pay to see a bill with people like Marilyn Maye, Christine Lavin, MAC  nominees Jenna Esposito, Deb Burman, Devlin, and about 30 more high-caliber acts?  (Oh, with Chita Rivera right there in the audience.) Well, you can do it about any Monday night for a mere $10 cover charge.

I ended the evening at Jim Caruso’s Cast Party at Birdland.  OMG, as the kids say.  I had heard about this before, but nothing compared me for the experience. Good heavens, what an amazing array of talent!

The event itself is an open mic that happens every Monday night and the “everybody” of the jazz/cabaret world seems to be there.  Wowie.  (I’m working on getting an interview with Caruso.)


One Response to A NY Evening Pt. 6: Jim Caruso’s Cast Party

  1. Marianne says:

    I LOVE Cast Party! I was there some years ago, got there a bit early and got to see the last few minutes of Georgia Stitt’s set! And Cast Party itself was a blast – some of Beauty and the Beast’s cast was there. The atmosphere was casual and fun and the talent was first-rate.

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