Great Bruce Springsteen Article

Bruce Springsteen. Click image to expand.Slate has a great article about Bruce Springsteen and the making of Born to Run (by necessity an important music milestone for anyone who had grown up in New Jersey in the 70’s).

Springsteen’s music has had a number of notable cabaret treatments.  My favorite is Barbara Fasano’s amazing recording of Rick Jensen’s recording of Thunder Road

Favorite quote from the article:  “What mattered to him was to sound spontaneous, not to be spontaneous. “Spontaneity,” he said, in 1981, “is not made by fastness. Elvis, I believe, did like 30 takes of ‘Hound Dog,’ and you put that thing on,” and it just explodes.”

One Response to Great Bruce Springsteen Article

  1. Emily Leatha Everson says:

    I clearly remember Lina Koutrakos talking about how Bruce Springstein and what a personal singer he was, making his performances cabaret-like. A few days later, out with to dinner, a friend of mine talked about seeing Springstein in a live show and how the singer set up many of his songs with personal stories and how that had engaged the listener and made the songs even more powerful.

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