New Alan Cumming CD

I Bought A Blue Car TodaySo often when people ask me to define “cabaret” I tell them that it’s performance in a cabaret space and that anything that works for that sort of intimate space is “cabaret.”  Others I know define it as “personal theater.”

However, you define it, Alan Cumming’s CD, I Bought a Blue Car Today, is a model of what next generation cabaret could look like.  Cumming, best known for his Tony-winning turn as the Emcee in Cabaret, combines a punk rock sensibility tempered by an English music hall tradition filtered through work in the musical theater.  The results are very personal and eclectic covering a variety of  moods and emotions from the touching to the emotionally raw to the truly wacky.

He covers a range of material: Dolly Parton’s Here You Come Again, Falsetto’s What More Can I Say, and Cabaret’s Mein Herr to name but three.  In fact, the final cut of the CD, Beautiful is the best for summing up the multi-dimensional aspect of the CD.  It is a tender love song laced with the aggressive patios of the street.  However, in the album notes we learn that it was written by a septuagenerian as a birthday tribute for his wife.

  1. Shine

  2. I Dance And Dance And Smile And Smile

  3. That’s Life

  4. Wig In A Box/Wicked Little Town

  5. Don’t Tell Me

  6. Here You Come Again/My Interpretation

  7. Next To Me

  8. Thinking Of You

  9. Unexpressed

10. Where I Want To Be

11. What More Can I Say

12. Mein Herr

13. All I know

14. Beautiful


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