The Ravishing Rebecca Luker

Rebecca Luker: Greenwich TimeWow, have we been lucky to have a number of stunning new CDs debut in recent weeks.  And Rebecca Luker’s new CD Greenwich Time is right there at the front of the pack.

For the CD, Luker chooses generally-obscure songs with a theatrical pedigree — many from shows that were never produced.  (DC audiences saw Luker perform many of these numbers in her Kennedy Center show earlier this year.)  It says a lot when In a Very Unusual Way is the best-known song on a CD.  However Luker’s evangelical spirit for the material gives the recording a special energy.

There are many terrific moments on the CD.  For me the best is a Jeff Blumenkrantz song Lovely Lies, a frank confession by a Southern daughter to her mother.  He Never Did That Before is a comic tour de force.  And having seen Luker as the replacement in Nine, it is wonderful to have her performance of In a Very Unusual Way saved for history.

Luker is as perfect a theatrical soprano as one could ask for.  Her vocal production is an example for all of us lesser singers.  But she is a story-teller at heart, and she never sacrifices communicative directness for vocal effect.  When I saw her concert, I felt that she established such strong characters for each song, that the effect was was slightly disjointed; however this recording feels much more integrated.  And Thalken’s arrangements suit Luker and her communicative approach perfectly.

  • On My Way To You
  • Ohio, 1904
  • Billions Of Beautiful Boys
  • Killing Time
  • Greenwich Time
  • Remember
  • Unusual Way
  • Lovely Lies
  • He Never Did That Before
  • Out Of Love
  • Whata The Living Do
  • Birthday Horoscope For B.R.
  • Have Had
  • Summer With You 

One Response to The Ravishing Rebecca Luker

  1. Dorie says:

    Michael: Thanks for recommending this–her voice is incredible and there are some inspiring song choices!

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