Up Close to Marvin Hamlisch

Monday night the Broadway Up Close and Personal series at the Kennedy Center saluted Marvin Hamlisch.  The evening featured an interview with Hamlisch by Michael Kerker of ASCAP and performances of his music.

Hamlisch is quite a raconteur, and obviously has decades of amazing anecdotes.  The most inspiring message he had in the evening is the necessity to keep persevering in one’s chosen endeavors, because you never when the breakthrough is going to come, citing the soft drink creator who gave up after creating “Six-Up.”   

Alex Rybeck provided his typically-superlative music direction for the Liz Callaway, Karen Ziemba, and Kevin Early selections listed below:

  • Liz Callaway
    • The Music and The Mirror
    • Nobody Does It Better
    • The Way We Were
  • Karen Ziemba
    • What I Did For Love
    • Nothing
    • Ice Castles
  • Kevin Early
    • I Cannot Hear the City
    • Fallin’
    • Ordinary Miracles

3 Responses to Up Close to Marvin Hamlisch

  1. Jill Leger says:

    By the time they got to the theme from Ice Castles, I’da been a puddle, awash in sentimental 1970s memories. I do not think I could have stood this concert.
    But I vote for “Fallin'” for your next “undersung gems” cabaret CD, Michael! A lot of the They’re Playing Our Song score is like that.

  2. singbooks says:

    JILL! You mentioned the two songs that most stood out for me, too.

    Ice Castles theme: I have to admit to cringing just a little on the cheez factor of this song, but on the other hand totally loving and getting teary about it. When I asked my friend Chris to be in my bridal party, he said he was going to sing Ice Castles at my reception. I said “Oh, no way, you are NOT going to do that.” He did it. At first everybody laughed (he is, after all, very funny), but then every body cried. Then at the end, everybody sang along LOUD AND PROUD. It was my very favorite kind of moment…filled with joy, love and humor.

    My husband Charlie has a fondness for several musicals. He can sing (take heart!) you ALL the words from West Side Story (and tell you the difference between Broadway and movie versions). He has a similar fondness for “They’re Playin’ Our Song.” The first gift he ever gave me was the Bway soundtrack and he sang me “Fallin’!” It is one of my favorites to sing around the house.

  3. Matt says:

    I’d forgotten what a gem “Nobody Does It Better” was … Gosh, I *loved* that song when I was a kid!!

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