Goldrich & Heisler CD

The Album

The songwriting / performing team of Marcy Goldrich and Zina Heisler have a distinct place in the contemporary cabaret universe.  Their songs are generally perky, witty, and charming.  Interestingly, their material is so specifically constructed that performed with any degree of competence it is generally effective.  Similarly, their songs are so specific that they leave little margin for interpretation.  And like much comic material, once someone has heard a song like the Alto’s Lament or Fifteen Pounds ten or so times, there’s not much a performer can do to freshen the material.

The team has finally released a CD, with the writers performing their own material.  And it is a terrific resource for gathering their material in a single place.  Interestingly, there isn’t a lot of insight that I gleaned about the material from their performances of it.  Actually, I was rather surprised by the number of people who I thought had superior versions of much of the material (e.g. Stephanie Block on Fifteen Pounds, Kristen Chenowith on Taylor, the Latte Boy, Francesca Amari on Make Your Own Party, and Marianne Glass Miller on The Last Song).

1. Make Your Own Party

2. Fifteen Pounds

3. Taylor, The Latte Boy

4. Love Like Breathing

5. Compromise

6. Alto’s Lament

7. There’s Nothing I Wouldn’t Do

8. Gabriel’s List

9. Oh, How I Loved You

10. Los Pinguinos

11. Baltimore

12. Welcome The Rain

13. The Last Song

14. Menemsha Moon


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  1. Marianne says:

    Thank you, Michael!

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