Wendy Lane Bailey at Blues Alley

Laurel Masse, Wendy Lane Bailey, and Michele Brourman at Blues Alley, 2 march 2010.

 It was great seeing Wendy Lane Bailey at Blues Alley last night.  I’ll link to my official Cabaret Scenes review when it’s online, but needless to say, WLB rocked and it was terrific to also hear Laurel Masse and Michele Brourman!

Here’s their set list:

  • I Feel Lucky — Mary Chapin Carpenter & Don Schlitz
  •  Walking after Midnight — Donald Hecht
  •  I Got Lucky in the Hall — Marshall Barer &  Dean Fuller
  •  Breathing /So In Love — Amanda Mcbroom &  Michele Brourman / Cole Porter
  •  Round — Amanda McBroom &  Joel Silberman
  • Lucky Break — Melissa Manchester &  Beth Nielsen Chapman
  • Once in a Blue Moon /Night Ride Home  — Anne Caldwell & Jerome Kern / Joni Mitchell
  • It’s Never Perfect — Shelia Rae & Michele Brourman
  • Let Yourself Go
  • Monotonous
  • So Like Joy — Jonelle Mosser
  •  Silver Heart/ Shut Up and Drive — Michele Brourman & Melvern Rivers Rutherford III / Annie Tate & Sam M. Tate
  • Sometimes More is More — Michele Brourman
  •  Ring of Fire — June Carter & Merle Kilgore
  •  Independence Day — Gretchen Peters
  •  A Mother’s Prayer — Melissa Manchester 

2 Responses to Wendy Lane Bailey at Blues Alley

  1. YAY Wendy! Sending LOVE and CONGRATULATIONS!!

  2. Hi Michael:

    Thanks for the lovely Cab Scenes write up. We had a blast in DC and can’t wait to come back soon!

    Wendy Lane

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