Patti LuPone on Sondheim

Patti LuPoneInterview with La LuPone in the Diva Talk column: “Well, each aspect of Steve’s writing is equally as difficult — the lyrics are complicated and the melodies are intricate … And, as I’ve always said, learning the music becomes infinitely easier when there’s a marriage between the lyrics and the music, and that is always the case with Steve. So, it’s easier to learn his music than it is other people’s music. That does not mean it’s easy. I’ve never, and I’ve said this ad nauseam, sung ‘God, That’s Good’ correctly. There’s a section that [Mrs. Lovett] sings with Sweeney — each of the three passages is different and the notes are very close together, and I’ve never gotten it right!””

As a reminder, LuPone will be performing at the Strathmore gala, April 24th.


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