April Open Mic

I wasn’t able to be at the April, DC Cabaret Network Open Mic on Monday, but thanks to Kathy Reilly and Stephanie Daley, I have the list of who sang what:

Act 1

1. I wish I were in love again / Everything I’ve got — Mary Reilly

2. Where do you Start — Matt Howe

3. Do it Again/ I’ve Got a Crush on You – G. Gershwin

4. My favorite year – Joanne Schmoll

5. Lucy’s Laugh — Andy Woo

6. Another Hundred People — Claudia Van Nostrand

7. It’s Good to See You Again — Ramon Atienza

8. I Miss the Mountains — Nancy Perry

9. They Say It’s Spring — Kathy Reilly

10. Stormy Weather. — Laura White

11. At Last — Joanna Evans

12. Larger Than Life — Lonny Smith

13. My Man — Stephanie Dailey

14. Make Me Rainbows — Terry Allen

Act 2

1. I Hear Music / The Song is You — Joanne Schmoll

2. Two for the Road — Kathy Reilly

3. He Was Too Good For Me — Mary Reilly

4. Ramon Atienza — His Name

5. Andy Woo — Not Afraid

6. Lonny Smith — If I Sing

7. Laura White — Slow Like Honey

8. Joanna Evans — For Sentimental Reasons

9. Nancy Perry — When You’re Good to Mama

10. Stephanie Dailey — My Funny Valentine

11. Terry Long — Someone to Watch over Me

12. Louise Van Arrsen — Estelle


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