Stephen Holden on the Nunziata Brothers

The NYTimes reviews the new sibling act at Feinstein’s: “To hear them tell it, they were Broadway babies almost from the day they were born. In their upbeat mode, singing a bouncy “Make Someone Happy,” they display an engagingly brassy professionalism. But introspection doesn’t become them. Because they have the voices and temperaments of performers in permanent audition mode, their readings of heavier songs like “Willow Weep for Me” and Stephen Sondheim ballads go no deeper than to apply the hint of a sob to the material like a decal.”


One Response to Stephen Holden on the Nunziata Brothers

  1. James says:

    I saw these two TWICE at Feinstein’s, and introspection is what these two are about. I not only found their upbeat pieces enjoyable, but it was when they went “deeper and darker” into the Sondheim that their amazing acting chops were shown. I agree with Holden in that for SUCH young guys they show an engagingly brassy professionalism, but disagree when he said the ballads fell short, because I was there at opening with him there, and the people around me had TEARS in their eyes.

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