Broadway Up Close and Personal: Frank Loesser

Oops, I almost missed the Broadway Up Close and Personal tribute to Frank Loesser at the Kennedy Center last night.  Thankfully, I remembered it yesterday afternoon.

This series is one of the best bargains that the KC offers.  For the $18 ticket there’s an informative program about a major writer, with really classy artists presenting a selection of the works.

In this case, moderator Michael Kerker was joined by Loesser’s widow, Jo Loesser with the terrific Don Pippin at the piano, as well as Susan Egan, Noah Racey, Ron Raines, and Emily Loesser.

There is one Frank Loesser mystery that I’m dying to have confirmed — his role in writing the songs Hey, There from The Pajama Game and My White Knight from The Music Man.  Although there was no mention of that factoid in last night’s show, it was mentioned that the writers of those other shows were proteges of Loesser’s.

Here’s what people sang:

  • Frank Loesser Overture – Don Pippin
  • Once in Love with Amy — Noah Racey
  • Joey, Joey, Joey – Ron Raines
  • Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm – Susan Egan
  • Slow Boat to China – Noah Racey
  • Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year – Jo Loesser
  • Baby It’s Cold Outside – Susan Egan & Noah Racey
  • They’re Either Too Young or Too Old – Susan Egan
  • My Time of Day / I’ve Never Been in Love Before – Ron Raines & Emily Loesser
  • You Understand Me — Jo Loesser & Emily Loesser
  • Somebody, Somewhere – Susan Egan
  • Luck Be a Lady – Ron Raines

One Response to Broadway Up Close and Personal: Frank Loesser

  1. Jilly says:

    I never knew he wrote Baby It’s Cold Outside! Thank you for illuminating this for me, Michael!! And very interesting about My White Knight and Hey, There. I didn’t know this either!

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