Good Eats on H Street

I just got back from seeing Public Enemy by Scena Theatre at the H Street Playhouse. (Great performances by Rena Cherry Brown and John C. Bailey!)

But the real news is a couple of amazing food options on H Street, NE — especially notable for anyone going to the DC Cabaret Network open mic on Monday.  I’m addicted to the fried risotto balls at Taylor Gourmet (1116 H St NE) not to mention their amazing subs. 

I finally got a chance to sample the pies at Dangerous Pies, (1339 H st NE — on the same block as the Atlas Theatre), the first outpost of the notable Baltimore establishment.  Wow and yum !


3 Responses to Good Eats on H Street

  1. Justin Ritchie says:

    Thanks Michael. Dangerous Pies sounds well…dangerous (and yummy)!

    Another fabulous dinner spot is Granville Moore’s. There mussels are to die for.

  2. Sounds like Dangerous Pies and Dangerous Curves need to get together! love ya and really great posts this week! 🙂

  3. Maris Wicker says:

    Michael – I share your excitement about H Street eateries. Yep-Granville Moore is all about mussels, and they are the best I’ve had- well worth the trip across town. But the big news is that Dangerous Pies may be the only establishment in the DC area that sells Barbeque Pie by the slice…truly a well-rounded meal.

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