DC Cabaret Network May Open Mic

The rain didn’t keep a number of intrepid souls from showing up at Atlas for the May DCCN Open Mic.  It was particularly gratifying to see some new singers bringing a fresh point of view and materials to the evening (not to mention seeing our vets who are always so terrific).  Incidentally, Jonathan Tuzman, who provided terrific piano support all evening long is going on in [title of show] at Signature tonight (Tuesday).

Here’s what people sang:

  • Terri Allen
    • A Foggy Day
    • My Foolish Heart
  • Ramon Atienza
    • Run Away With me
    • His Eyes*
  • Julia Broder
    • Maybe This Time
    • No Reason at All
  • Marianne Glass Miller
    • Cookin’ in the Kitchen
    • Good Night New York
  • Michael Miyazaki
    • Danny Boy
    • If He Walked into My Life Again
    • Stars and Moon
  • Byron Murray
    • Orange Colored Sky
    • I Wish You Love
    • It Never Was You
  • Eileen Photos
    • Louise
    • Woman Be Wise
  • Paul Pompea
    • Here’s That Rainy Day
    • What Can You Lose
    • Corcovado
  • Kristen Varvaros
    • It’s Not a Love Story
    • Make Someone Happy
    • Perfect
  • Maris Wicker
    • Blues in the Night
    • Wherever He Ain’t

One of the highlights of the evening for me was Kristen Varvaros singing a song, Perfect, from a show Edges: A Song Cycle that I had never heard of.  I found a YouTube clip of the song and the other material from the show seems to be worth checking out.

*Guessing at this title


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