Katy Stephan — For All Your Musical Needs

One of my favorite musical people, Katy Stephan, is now offering a range of musical consulting services.  Long a mainstay of Martuni’s in San Francisco, she’s a terrific music director, songwriter, and awesome performer in her own right (not to mention being absolutely lovely).  Oh, you lucky San Franciscans !!!!

Want to sing a Lady Gaga song at an audition?   Want to sing Defying Gravity in a lower key?
Want sheet music for a song, but it hasn’t been published or is out of print?

I can help!  I can provide:
>  Piano accompaniment for any song in any key – on CD or mp3
>  Audition prep – for you and for your sheet music!
>  Coaching and teaching
>  All styles of music and all voice types welcome

I can help you find your key for any song, and make sure your sheet music matches! I can also help you master that pesky high note or tricky passage that sometimes saps your confidence.
With the help of the right musical preparation and a little practice, you really can sing anything you want to.  You can take a song that feels “too high” for your voice and transpose it down. You can take a song usually performed by a different voice type or gender, and make it your own.  You can add a few new songs to your repertoire – why limit yourself?

All voice types and skill levels are welcome.  My rates are reasonable and my studio is in Emeryville.

email or call Katy Stephan katyann7@yahoo.com 310-529-6702 .  www.katystephan.com

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