Stephen Holden on Eric Michael Gillett

The NYTimes reviews the Gillette, better known as a cabaret director, as he performs at Feinstein’s: “During his excavations Mr. Gillett forsook caution and coolness and gesticulated, mugged and pushed his voice beyond comfortable limits. His lack of conventional defenses allowed him to bare a vulnerability that most male singers prefer to conceal.

“The boldest performances wove music and talk into statements that felt as though he were addressing someone standing at his elbow. Instead of a showstopper, “Come Rain or Come Shine” became a unilateral statement of commitment directed at a silent partner. “A Woman’s Prerogative” was prefaced by his story of growing up with five sisters for whom he played the role of romantic adviser.”


One Response to Stephen Holden on Eric Michael Gillett

  1. Jilly says:

    I love this guy–I esp treasure his Craig Carnelia CD. How fun that he sang “Gotta Have Me Go With You”…I know that song so well from the film, but have never heard anyone perform it! Love it!
    I never would have seen this review if you hadn’t posted it. Thanks, MM!

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