Three interviews in Playbill…

Elaine Stritch and Bernadette PetersVery pleasant publicity interview online in Playbill with Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch :”Stritch also believes she and Peters are “very much alike, and we’re finding things every day in playing the parts. She’s got the same kind of humor that I do. Our sense of humor – I love that expression – it’s a sense of humor, a deep sense of humor, and I see it in her.””Alice Ripley with her Tony Award

Also, the Playbill Diva Talk column profiles Alice Ripley as she ends her Broadway engagement in Next to Normal: “When asked how she believes her performance has changed during her 16-month Broadway run, Ripley says, “Well, all I can say is I can tell you what people have told me about my performance or just tell you how it makes me feel. People have said that it has changed and then, I feel like I’ve changed, so if I’ve changed, the performance has changed. So, it probably has, and I’m hoping it’s grown because you’re always looking to fill in details.””


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