Somewhere There’s Music… in Ellicott City

That’s Barry Abel, Kathy Reilly, Mary Reilly, Eileen Warner and me performing excerpts from our show Somewhere There’s Music as the pre-show for the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company’s matinee of Hamlet.

No microphones, outdoor venue on a warm Saturday afternoon, sparse audience.  But we got to sing, so it was fun.

I have to admit being oddly out of step with my esteemed colleagues on one issue concerning the gig.  Others were complaining about being out in the hot, direct sun; I was happy that we had good lighting.

For the full show (with a real piano, amplification, and air conditioning) , see us at Germano’s in Baltimore this Saturday !

3 Responses to Somewhere There’s Music… in Ellicott City

  1. Jilly says:

    Love it, Michael! And hey, that’s how they used to light the silent films…! From my unfinished, unproduced musical about Hollywood:

    “We did it with just one light
    Cuz all we had was sunlight”

  2. Mary says:

    I was so grateful that we didn’t have to don the Elizabethan garb like those who came after us. It just goes to prove that we will go anywhere, anytime, under any conditions (well almost)for the opportunity to sing. It’s a joy even when it’s hot! hot! hot!

  3. good for you, doll! I have done so many outdoor shows and they can become amazing out in God’s world! love you and miss you guys! 🙂

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