It Never Rains …

A report from Terri Allen on the final performance of Run Away With Me on Sunday in the highly-exposed Baldaccino Tent at the Capital Fringe Festival:

Don’t know if you want to post this — might be fun: 
We closed our show Run Away with Me! A Contemporary Cabaret at Fringe with a bang.  We had about 50 people in the house with the 90 degree heat, and were performing in the afternoon without the stage lights.  The show was really going well.  Emily got up to sing “Toll” — and I looked at Justin, and said, “It’s getting darker on stage.”  During one number, it had gone from light to dark.   I could see out through the bar, and the wind was really whipping up. When the audience didn’t seem to get the joke of the number, I think I realized they were getting worried, too, about what was then pounding rain.  We decided to do one more number “Rainbow Connection”, and we asked Jeff Tucker, our sound guy, to put on the stage lights.  By this time, the rain was flooding into the theatre through two doors, although audience members were trying to close at least one of the doors.  Audience members were disconnecting the fans, etc.  We decided to stop the show . . . and were hoping to start back up, but the storm seemed too intense and it really was unclear what was going to happen next.  
Later, Lonny said he had seen the lights above him swaying, and afterwards, we learned that Fringe staff were running around the tent to make sure everything was secure.  It seems that their tent structure, and the electrical power supply were actually fine.  But, when Jeff made the call to stop the show — we all agreed!  (Even though some of our best material was ahead of us!) 
We told our audience members we anticipate doing the show again — and hope we will! 

2 Responses to It Never Rains …

  1. mkcr says:

    I hope you will do it again. Never managed to see it this run, but I hear it’s fabulous!

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