Act III Thursday Night

It was great being at HR-57 Thursday night to see Brandon Cutrell bring his After Party to DC from NY (although billed as Act III for contractual purposes) !  The whole package was there — Brandon’s outrageous hosting and phenomenal singing, Ray Fellman’s amazing work on the piano, a host of talented house performers, interesting drop-ins, and a boisterous crowd.

The biggest congratulations go to producer Chase Maggiano for corralling 50+ people to a Thursday night event that started after 10pm !  And they drank and seemed to be having a great time.

Brandon Cutrell brings an edgy, audience-focused energy to his duties as emcee.  He has developed a fascinatingly uninhibited, spritely persona.  He occasionally veered into territory that made even this audience uncomfortable; but I can’t say that any of his New York audience are more comfortable with some of the material, just more used to it.

A lot of amazing singing.  Ellen Harvey from the tour of Mary Poppins astounded with Sensitive Song (see below) and With One Look and there were appearances from Avenue Q cast members and Will Gartshore.  And all was supported by that great, incomparable Ray Fellman on piano.

Congratulations again to Chase Maggiano — and I’m looking forward to his further producing ventures!

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