Yanna Avis Speaks Love (In Several Languages)

Yanna Avis : Speak Love To MeI once made the mistake when talking to the legendary Erv Raible of pronouncing Yanna Avis’s last name “Ah-vis.”  He corrected me — “‘Ey-vis’ like the car company!”  Turns out that Avis is a stunning former model who is the widow of rental-car mogul Warren Avis.

But more importantly, she is a terrific song stylist in that terrific pan-European genre — mostly French with the occasional Spanish, German, and Italian.  Even on her recordings, she makes you feel like you slipped into a little boite on the Left Bank and heard a singer and trio that were so comme il faut that you spent much more on champagne than you really expected. 

In her latest, Speak Love to Me, her work shows that tremendous stlye doesn’t require much more than a clear point of view and tremendous heart.  (And I love the fact that Bel Ami is a song in German.) Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s supported by some really top people, particularly Lee Musiker’s subtle musical arrangements and piano work.


  • Jolie-Mome
  • It’s Been a Long Long Time
  • Sway
  • Est-Ce Ma Faute a Moi
  • Domino
  • Just a Gigolo
  • Shiny Stockings
  • Senza Fine
  • Bel Ami
  • Speak Low
  • Ten Cents a Dance
  • Love for Sale
  • Mi Rival
  • Street of Dreams
  • Mon Manage a Moi
  • The Shadow of Your Smile

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