So that’s how it was supposed to sound…

The Laziest Gal In townJane Krakowski just released alive CD of her recent cabaret show that played at the Kennedy Center before a run at Feinstein’s in New York.

The CD offers a clearly-talented actress/singer presenting a range of interesting material in a personal manner.  All of it is wrapped in Krakowski’s bubbly, fizzy personality, suggestive of a 21st Century Mamie VanDoren or Abbe Lane. 

Highlights of the CD include a re-working of the Rodgers/Hart song zip as Tweet and a spellbinding medley of When I Get Low I Get High with Wacky Dust.

I have to admit being a little torn with this recording.  On every objective level that I can measure — song selection, delivery, arrangements —  I think the material is superbly delivered.  Part of me wonders if I have residual annoyance for the shamefully under-rehearsed, excuse-fill show Krakowski delivered at the Kennedy Center.  But then I realized that the problem is that while all that Krakowski does in self-expression is very good, what she doesn’t do is try to reach the audience.  So in the end, it’s like meeting someone at a party who’s fabulous and entertaining, and never asks about you.

  1. The Laziest Gal In Town

  2. Interlude One

  3. A Little Brains, A Little Talent

  4. Interlude Two

  5. “Tweet” Based On “Zip”

  6. Interlude Three

  7. An Englishman Needs Time

  8. Interlude Four

  9. My Handy Man

10. Interlude Five

11. I’m Old Fashioned / Old Fashioned Girl

12. Interlude Six

13. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

14. Interlude Seven

15. When I Get Low, I Get High / Wacky Dust

16. Interlude Eight

17. Thirteen Men

18. Interlude Nine

19. Let’s Face The Music And Dance

20. Interlude Ten

21. Rubber Duckie

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