New Open Mic Monday Night

FALLS CHURCH, VA—FourthWall, an organization creating performance opportunities for artists in the D.C. area, is hosting a new, monthly open mic series to give performers a chance to engage in their art for the simple enjoyment of it, without the stress of work or the sometimes desensitizing influence of a paycheck.

WHAT: New “FourthWall Open Cauldron” monthly open mic series

WHO: DC-area musical theater performers, both professionals and amateurs. Accompanists for the first two events will be Jonathan Tuzman and Alex Tang, respectively.

WHEN: August 23 and September 20,  8:00 PM-10:00PM
WHERE: ArtSpace Falls Church, 410 South Maple St., Falls Church, VA

The open mic series, called FourthWall Open Cauldron, was created by actor/composer Matt Conner and pianist Jonathan Tuzman.

“I’ve found recently that as I make music professionally full-time, it becomes a job like any other, and I can forget how much I love to do it,” Tuzman said. “Then every once in a while a moment will come that reminds me how much I just enjoy playing, my fingers on the keys and bringing beautiful music into the air. I want every moment I play – every moment at work – to have that experience of enjoyment. This night is a chance to gather with friends and colleagues and celebrate our love for music in the best way we know how – by making it together.”

Tuzman will serve as piano accompanist the first open mic on August 23, with a second to follow on September 20, accompanied by Alex Tang. Admission is free but donations are requested to cover the cost of space and refreshments. More information, as well as a signup form for performers, is available at


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