Sink the Belgrano ! Reviews

The reviews for my current theatrical project, Sink the Belgrano!, are starting to come in.  I’ve got to say, it’s gratifying (for once) that critics seem to be seeing the show we’re trying to put on!

Sean Easter in Culture Mob — Take any Saturday Night Live skit about a US president. Replace that president with Margaret Thatcher, and the writers of SNL with a foul-mouthed, British punk rock aesthetic hell bent on skewering war and the British ruling class. That is what Scena Theatre will treat you to for 90 minutes in Sink the Belgrano!…

Ben Demers in DC Theater Scene  

The cynical political undertones of sacrificing Argentine and British lives for control of a tiny, far-flung archipelago were clearly not lost on writer Steven Berkoff. In addressing the actions of the British political machine leading up to the conflict, Berkoff paints a scathing picture of incompetence, deceit, and cavalier disregard for human life. Each character proves him or her self despicable in a unique way, and the key players’ bizarre names, including “Maggot Scratcher”, “Pimp”, and “Nit”, augment their collective aura of depravity. The script’s surreal characterizations, inventive wordplay, and rich historical context provide the talented performers with ample opportunity to flex their dramatic and comedic muscles.

Julie LaPorte in Washington Life —  Sink the Belgrano! is a satirical look at the hazy backroom deals, contradictions, lies and cover-ups that led to the Falklands War. Written by and directed by , Sink the Belgrano! is playing at Scena Theatre through September 12.

I think this is a show worth seeing (and at 80ish minutes is mercifully short).  We have two more weeks, please come see us.  (And still keeping fingers crossed for the City Paper, Blade, and Post)

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