Don’t cry for her…

September 29, 2010

Patti LuPone: A MemoirWhen I got Patti LuPone’s new memoirs, I couldn’t put my Kindle down.  The book is dishy, fast-paced, and incredibly insightful.  It’s probably the most candid memoir I’ve read since since Beverly Sills’s — I would love to have read the draft before the lawyers got to it. 

However, LuPone is clearly committed to her art.  It’s terrific to get her insights on the acting process, the theatrical process and communicating to an audience.  Just watch out if you’re Andrew, Lord Lloyd Webber or Bill Smitrovich!

It’s my annual grumpy day…

September 28, 2010

Another year, no MacArthur.  But congratulations to this year’s very deserving winners.  I’m thrilled for you.  You all totally deserve it.  Really.

Peter Fox works to Change the World…

September 28, 2010

In an admirable combination of music and activism, Peter Fox just released “Change The World,” a commemorative rock-anthem that will be the official song of the upcoming AIDS Walk Washington.

The single, composed by Holly Montgomery, Tom Nichols, and Fox, is available for download now . Fox’s organization is donating all sales proceeds from every downloaded single for four weeks to the Whitman-Walker Clinic, through October 23, 2010.

Fox will perform “Change the World” live for the first time at the 24th Annual AIDS Walk Washington scheduled to take place at Freedom Plaza in Washington the morning of Saturday, October 2. Benefiting the HIV/AIDS programs of DC’s Whitman-Walker Clinic, AIDS Walk Washington is a fundraising 5K walk and timed run.

“I have always wanted my music to inspire people,” said Fox. “I hope this song will encourage those that hear it to become more involved in the issues dearest to their hearts. I truly believe that a simple song that really evokes a truth can change the world for the better.” Nichols, who also serves as Fox’s producer added “It’s really very simple…we want folks to download and enjoy the song, support the Clinic, and if possible, join the AIDS Walk!”

For more information about joining the AIDS Walk, or supporting those that are registered, please visit For information about the programs and services of the Whitman Walker Clinic, plea visit

In short, it’s just $1.29 and you get to support both a large-hearted local artist and a good cause !!!

Joe Peck This Thursday — for FREE !!!

September 28, 2010


On 9/30, I will be performing at P.Brennans – a popular Irish pub and restaurant across from the Arlington Cinema N’ Draft House – beginning at 8:30 p.m.  There is no admission charge, and I’ll be playing a mix of covers and originals all night.  Come early, come late, spend the evening with us.  And bring your posse.  It’s going to be tons of fun: you can eat, drink, and play darts if you like while I provide the music.
Joe Peck @ P.Brennan’s
Sept. 30 – 8:30 p.m. till
P. Brennan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
2910 Columbia Pike, Arlington VA
Info: and

I confess that I’m smitten…

September 26, 2010

ConfessionsI know that there are a lot of people who aren’t exactly impressed with Liza Minnelli’s work, but I have to say that I’m totally gobsmacked by her new CD.  The recording has an intimate, singing-in-the-living-room feeling with acutely intelligent readings of some great material.  Billy Stritch provides accompaniment that breathes with her — I don’t see how anyone else could follow her humor and nuance on the great Dorothy Fields lyric to Remind Me.  And there is a special pleasure to finally hear her record On Sucha Night As This since the song was written for a show that was to have starred her 40 years ago. 

Tim Gunn Loses It

September 23, 2010

OK, it’s off the subject but I’m sure everyone knows how much I revere Tim Gunn of Project Runway.  Here’s a video recap he did of the last Project Runway episode where he really becomes impassioned — just to hear him use the term “mishegoss” !

Stephen Holden on Barbara Carroll

September 22, 2010

The NYTimes on the legend at the Algonquin: “Elegant, red-haired and unfailingly gracious, Ms. Carroll is herself a finished painting: a delicate, finely boned, beautifully spoken woman who is much more resilient than she appears. It is in her ballads that she reveals herself as a dreamy musical impressionist with roots deep in Ravel and Debussy. A medley of “Autumn in New York” and “Early Autumn,” arranged as a semiclassical suite, produced arpeggios of tumbling leaves and multicolored foliage.”

Stephen Holden on Karen Akers

September 21, 2010

The NYTimes falls under the spell of Karen Akers’s Rodgers and Hart show: “Ms. Akers, accompanied by Don Rebic on piano and Dick Sarpola on bass, doesn’t take a phrase of Hart’s lyrics for granted. Her wistful, witty, carefully considered interpretations are tender deconstructions that turn “moon, June, spoon” conventions into private thoughts.”

Off the topic, but…

September 21, 2010

…I can’t remember the last time I saw anything this funny !

The Wisdom of Amanda McBroom

September 21, 2010

It’s been a hectic few weeks, so I just got around to reading Amanda McBroom’s latest “Goodies” update on her site.  And I had to steal this graphic from it.