More Belgrano ! Reviews

Thanks to all the people who’ve come to see the show.  OK, here’s something embarassing — five people I knew were in the house Sunday afternoon and I had no clue until I got post-show e-mails from various people.  (And I still ended up taking the bus home !)

Two more reviews have come in:

All Arts Review 4 You — “Are you ready for a fabulously madcap satire??? Well get down to the H Street Playhouse for the Scena production of Steven Berkoff’s funny, funny,funny look at Margaret Scratcher and her handling of the Malvinas…oops… Nanna Ingvarsson gives a sterling performance as the Brit leader…how can any actress be so absolutely perfect in characterization?…”

Washington DC Examiner — OK, not avaiable online, but we got a rave in the Friday edition!

It’s been scary to get this much good press and annoying to still not have the Post or City Paper.  We’re playing Wednesday to Saturday this week — 4 more performances.

Tickets and info


2 Responses to More Belgrano ! Reviews

  1. Marianne says:

    See you this Saturday night…can’t wait!

  2. Jilly says:

    Congrats on the great reviews. This sounds awesome!!!!!!

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