Andrea Marcovicci in Playbill

Andrea interview with Andrea Marcovicci: “When asked how she believes her cabaret performances have changed over the past two decades, Marcovicci answers, “My sheer comfort level and my ability to absorb distraction or, as I say when I’m teaching, ’embrace distraction,’ [has increased]. My humor – I was never anywhere near as funny when I started. I took it all very seriously. But my love for audiences hasn’t changed. If anything, it’s just grown and grown and grown. My actual, just sheer embracing of the audience, that I’m so glad that they’re there, so glad we share this great music and that we don’t allow the history of the music to die. Because it’s not just about the songs, it’s about where did they come from and how did they develop. It’s a very important part of what I do to keep the history of the music alive.”

Somehow I had missed this.  Many thanks to Matt Howe for bringing it to my attention !


One Response to Andrea Marcovicci in Playbill

  1. Toni Rae says:

    So beautifully said. Thanks for sharing this as well!

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