I confess that I’m smitten…

ConfessionsI know that there are a lot of people who aren’t exactly impressed with Liza Minnelli’s work, but I have to say that I’m totally gobsmacked by her new CD.  The recording has an intimate, singing-in-the-living-room feeling with acutely intelligent readings of some great material.  Billy Stritch provides accompaniment that breathes with her — I don’t see how anyone else could follow her humor and nuance on the great Dorothy Fields lyric to Remind Me.  And there is a special pleasure to finally hear her record On Sucha Night As This since the song was written for a show that was to have starred her 40 years ago. 

5 Responses to I confess that I’m smitten…

  1. Justin Ritchie says:


    I love her too!

  2. and this is a fantastic video. i’m sure they lit her well, but doggone, she looks fabulous…if she’s had work done it was good work (as opposed to the terrible work done on some other againg stars of late). i can’t wait to hear this cd.

  3. Matt H. says:

    I rented LIZA AT THE PALACE recently and didn’t like it at all. However, this video is great. She’s a wonderful actress/singer when she’s not belting. So, Michael …. I downloaded the album from iTunes!! (Still need to listen, though.)

  4. Toni Rae says:

    Great video! Almost cancels out “Single Ladies.”

    You Fascinate Me So is now on my Droid, though I love hearing YOU sing it, Michael!


    Your mother

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