Peter Fox works to Change the World…

In an admirable combination of music and activism, Peter Fox just released “Change The World,” a commemorative rock-anthem that will be the official song of the upcoming AIDS Walk Washington.

The single, composed by Holly Montgomery, Tom Nichols, and Fox, is available for download now . Fox’s organization is donating all sales proceeds from every downloaded single for four weeks to the Whitman-Walker Clinic, through October 23, 2010.

Fox will perform “Change the World” live for the first time at the 24th Annual AIDS Walk Washington scheduled to take place at Freedom Plaza in Washington the morning of Saturday, October 2. Benefiting the HIV/AIDS programs of DC’s Whitman-Walker Clinic, AIDS Walk Washington is a fundraising 5K walk and timed run.

“I have always wanted my music to inspire people,” said Fox. “I hope this song will encourage those that hear it to become more involved in the issues dearest to their hearts. I truly believe that a simple song that really evokes a truth can change the world for the better.” Nichols, who also serves as Fox’s producer added “It’s really very simple…we want folks to download and enjoy the song, support the Clinic, and if possible, join the AIDS Walk!”

For more information about joining the AIDS Walk, or supporting those that are registered, please visit For information about the programs and services of the Whitman Walker Clinic, plea visit

In short, it’s just $1.29 and you get to support both a large-hearted local artist and a good cause !!!


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