Stephen Holden on the Cabaret Convention

The NYTimes opines on the opening of the Cabaret Convention: “Stately grandeur and youthful intensity: the annual New York Cabaret Convention at the Rose Theater has never lacked for great ladies and refined gentlemen. But as for youth (performers under 50), it has always struggled to forge a credible connection between a nightclub tradition nearly done in by rock ’n’ roll and television and the idea of a future. This year was different. All it takes to demonstrate that somehow or other the tradition goes on is a couple of exceptional rising talents.”


2 Responses to Stephen Holden on the Cabaret Convention

  1. Here’s to keeping the tradition of live performance of gorgeous material by talented peeps! πŸ™‚

  2. I agree that we must keep this material and music alive…I’m saddened that there ARE a lot of younger cabaret artists out there, but they seem to be shut out of the cabaret convention; a mystery to me in many ways. I used to want to go there every year, but I got disheartened when I realized how difficult it was to see some younger, newer faces.

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