I kind-of did…

Wwtbam-uk-2010.pngJust wanted to let you all know that my appearance on Who Wants to Be  Millionaire is scheduled for this Thursday, 28 October. 

In DC, it’s on ABC at 12:30pm, since it’s sydicated, elsewhere check your local listings. for broa

7 Responses to I kind-of did…

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOO BOY!! i can’t wait!!

  2. how fun!!! I can’t wait!! 🙂

  3. Jilly says:


  4. Thanks to Tivo, I got to see MILLIONAIR just now. CONGRATULATIONS!! My eyes are stil wet tears of happiness for you and Ron. All my love, Em

  5. toria55 says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I was just watching the show and when you said something about Broadway and I saw the contestants name was Michael, I thought,”OH.MY.GOSH!” could it be the same person? And it was. Congratulations on your win!!!

  6. Scott L. Fortune says:

    What an incredibly lovely surprise: not only to turn on the tv and rediscover a beautiful friend, but to witness such a wonderful moment!

    Congratulations you guys. It was great to see you both. And it couldn’t have happened to two more awesome people.

    Much love,

    Scott F.

  7. Blake Pace says:

    I have heard from Flaming Pit-Izens about your triumphant appearance on ‘Millionare’! Mazeltov!

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