DC Cabaret Network Open Mic

The DC Cabaret Network had its monthly open mic last Monday, 10 January.  The always-wonderful Mary Sugar played, and here’s a round-up of who sang what*:

  • Kathy Reilly
    • Throw it Away,
    • A Time for Love .
  • Joanne Schmoll.
    • P.S. I Love You.
    • Can This be Love?
  • Sarah Wilson
    • Angel.
    • Through The Fire
  • Eileen Warner.
    • I Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye.
    • He Plays the Violin
  • Stephanie Daley.
    • Tammy
    • Taking a Chance On Love
  • Pam Jackson.
    • Downtown
    • Spread a Little Sunshine
  • Nancy Huddleston.
    • Love Of My Life
    • Mean To Me
  • Ron Squeri.
    • River
    • Inside My Body Is A Dancer
  • Emily Everson
    • Sunshine On My Shoulders.
    • I Want A Hippopotamus
  • Terri Allen.
    • What The World Needs Now
    • The Very Thought Of You
  • Kathy Reilly.
    • A Time for Love
  • Andrea Creel.
    • Ordinary Kind of Woman

 The next one is scheduled for Monday, 7 February at the Atlas Theater.  Additional details.


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