Some Stephen Holden Highlights…

I know all of you don’t need me to follow the most important critic in the cabaret world.  However, some of the more notable recent reviews in the NYTimes:

I thought his review of Karyn Allison (left) was interesting, especially since she’s a singer that I’d never heard of (!!!) that seemed to be omnipresent right after his review.  (She’s even appearing at Blues Alley 6/16 – 19.

It was great to see him praise the beloved Marilyn Maye (right), still going strong at 83.  To me, the most interesting thing in the review was the mention of the song Butter Out of Cream from Catch Me If You Can; it’s nice to actually have a current show produce a song that people sing.

And finally, I love the critic’s dilemma he obviously faced in his review of Weslia Whitfield (below).  He obviously disliked the show but couldn’t find anything really wrong.  (Not that I’ve ever been in that position.)


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