Those good and crazy people…

Stephen Sondheim's Company

The lovely Mary Sugar and I saw the limited movie showing of Company last night.  And on the whole — WOW !!!

It’s a stellar cast and I think they do an amazing job of balancing the needs of the scenes with the demands of the music.  And I always say that this score always feels like a necklace with jewel after jewel strung together.

Having seen the show and the material in it any number of times in any number of incarnations, it is inevitable that one is judging every moment against multiple performances.  (And no matter how much I loved Christina Hendricks and Jane Krokowski, I find it hard to believe that anyone will play April in the park scene better than Bernadette Peters).  However, this production gives some new standards to surpass, such as Stephen Colbert finding some interesting physical jokes as Harry, Anika Noni Rose playing Marta as a wide-eyed innocent, and Patti LuPone’s pensive take on Joanne.<img class="alignright" src="; alt="April 7, 2011: Among the other cast members enjoying the dinner are Jill Paice, fresh from her Philharmonic debut as Susan, and Michael Sazonov, her guest.

Photo by John Calabrese” width=”391″ height=”455″ />

Here’s a bit of “impress your friends” trivia: the reason the Tick-Tock number looks so much like A Chorus Line is that Michael Bennett choreographed Company and Donna McKechnie did the number.  In fact, this is the solo that Cassie was refering to in the show. 

And for DC theater fans, Jill Paice who was so good in Chess at Signature was a terrific Susan.  And here is a picture of her at the post-show party with one-time (and hopefully once-again) DC cabaret fixture Michael Sazonov.

Company is playing through the 21st at various locations.



One Response to Those good and crazy people…

  1. Jenny I. says:

    Tina and I have tickets to see it Tuesday night in Reston: I can’t wait, especially after seeing your review! 🙂

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