Ron-ing Around: Chicago Notes

Chicago Midwest Cabaret Conference — June, 2011

 Miscellaneous, Short Jottings

  • Don’t do too may repeats of the chorus
  • Don’t schmact
  • Live your story
  • Body language gives the tempo
  • Know yourself
  • Know how the mic works
  • Let audience see the birth of a thought
  • Don’t overwork
  • Let music run through your veins
  • Sing even without words till the story is over
  • Feel the room
  • Get out of your own way
  • When something “happens” the molecules in a room change
  • Take deep breaths to get rid of nerves
  • Find your beats and movements
  • Knowing who you are translates into knowing your style and how audience will perceive you
  • Put everything away and be a performer
  • Sometimes a song just doesn’t work
  • LET GO
  • Be authentic
  • Be humble even when successful
  • SHAPE everything
  • You must control a list song and have perfect diction
  • Don‘t gun the engine
  • Don’t masturbate by trying to get more laughs for the sake of the laughs
  • Choose when you want laughs and don’t try to get them all
  • You must earn the right to laughs and applause
  • Specificity in the song makes it yours
  • You must come at it from your own unique point of view
  • Have contrast in your song list
  • Be lyric driver
  • Take it out of tempo if you want to make a different point in your performance
  • Make yourself look unique
  • Trial and error is always necessary
  • You must do your homework before performing

3 Responses to Ron-ing Around: Chicago Notes

  1. Matt Howe says:

    Nice reminders, Ron! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Great tips, thanks for posting, Ron!

  3. […] the Ron-ing Around section, I really enjoyed his post about the Chicago Midwest Cabaret Conference from 2011.  He offers some notes that were taken while at the conference, with tips such as […]

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