Colleen McWOW !!!!

Saturday night we saw Colleen McHugh’s incredible Prêt-à-Porter show at Signature (with Tedd Firth on keys!!!!) and I was totally blown away.  I’ll link to my Cabaret Scenes review when they post it, but I became an instant fan!

Here’s her set list:

  • C’Est magnifique
  • Let’s Misbehave
  • Can-Can
  • Do I Love You ?
  • I’m Unlucky at Gambling
  • It’s All Right With Me
  • Just One of Those Things
  • When Love Comes to Call
  • Find Me a Primitive Man
  • Night & Day
  • You Do Something to Me
  • Ca C’Est L’Amour
  • You Don’t Kow Paree
  • I Love Paris
  • True Love (Encore) 

Here’s a lagniappe from YouTube that shows the talent and humor of this amazing performer:


One Response to Colleen McWOW !!!!

  1. Colleen McHugh says:

    Thanks! I’m making a studio-recording of the Pret-a-Porter songs. It’ll be out in early 2012. I’ll keep you posted. Best, Colleen

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