A Project Runway Lesson

OK, I’ll admit that I’m psyched about a new season of Project Runway.  And the first episode even provided a life lesson that’s I keep learning over and over.

(Spoiler Alert — Info about the episode’s outcome follows.  Oh, and Rosebud is his sled.)

The challenge of the episode was for the designers to fashion an outfit out of what they wore to bed and a sheet.  One designer didn’t want to incorporate the colorful headscarf he was wearing into his garments because he didn’t want his hair to look bad on TV.  He held to this even when warned by Tim that his standing with the judges was precarious.  And of course, he was the one eliminated.

Now, I’m not exactly a “whatever it takes to win” person, but I think this is a valuable lesson on how easy it is to be distracted by a tangent that one loses the main point.  It’s like doing a song and being so concerned about a highnote that you forget to tell the story of a song and communicate with the audience. 

A work cubicle neighbor once had the saying “A ship in a harbor is safe, but it’s not a ship’s job to be safe” prominently posted.  Fifteen years ago I used to tease her about it.  But today I find it a more and more useful reminder.

One Response to A Project Runway Lesson

  1. Another Project Runway junkie. I knew you were special for a reason.

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