An Irene Playlist

Everyone, please be safe.  But here are some song ideas while you’re keeping safe and sound…

  • Gonna Be Another Hot Day — 110 in the Shade Cast
  • Soon It’s Gonna Rain — Mandy Patinkin, Kristen Chenoweth
  • Hurry, Here Comes The Hurricane — Phillip Melancon
  • Tryin’ To Reason With Hurricane Season — Jimmy Buffett
  • Little Drops Of Rain — Judy Garland
  • Irene — Lazy Lester
  • No Time At All — Irene Ryan
  • Stormy Weather — Lina Koutrakos
  • Hurricane Eye — Paul Simon
  • Singing In The Rain — Cliff Edwards
  • Ride Out the Storm — Seesaw Original Cast
  • Down at the Twist and Shout — Mary Chapin Carpenter
  • It’s Raining Men — The Weathergirls
  • When the Sun Comes Out — Eileen Farrell
  • When It Dries — Two By Two Cast
  • Goodnight Irene — The Weavers

(Yes, Over the Rainbow really should be on this.)

2 Responses to An Irene Playlist

  1. This is FABULOUS! A cabaret for a rainy day.

  2. Emily, I was just thinking the same thing! I hope all you East Coasters are well and safe and dry…thinking of you! 🙂

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