The Republic is Safe for Another Day…

I’m currently on a jaunt to the West Coast.

When I checked in to the DC / Phoenix portion of my flight yesterday I have to admit I was disappointed I didn’t score an upgrade to first class.  Until…  I noticed that John McCain was on the flight,evidently travelling home to Arizona by himself.  The thought of being sat next to him for four hours would have been a little overwhelming.  I mean, everybody on the flight owed him a debt, because there would be no DCA/West Coast flights if it weren’t for legislation he rammed through totally going against the plans of the regional airport authority so he (and we) could have the convenience of a direct flight home to Phoenix without going via Dulles or BWI.  But then the conversation might have gotten more pointed and I would probably have been met by the Secret Service in Phoenix.

So the moral — things work out.

One Response to The Republic is Safe for Another Day…

  1. Jilly says:

    WOW! Wry and astute, Michael. How on earth did you know that about the direct-to-DCA flight? McCain is a tattered lion these days. Maybe the discussion would have been fascinating.

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